I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies, and of all the truth, which you shown unto your servant; for with my staff I passed over this Jordan; and now I am become two bands. (Genesis 32:10)


What an awesome God we have and serve! There is no end to His love, favour and grace for a believer. The problem is, our Lord doesn’t know how to stop – His grace from flowing; His blessings from overflowing; His love from covering us! Well, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and His grace endures forever! This was the overwhelming response that Jacob had when he spoke to God, as seen in this verse. I deliberately used the word “spoke” and not “prayed” to highlight that we can speak to Him all the time and that is prayer! Jesus is not waiting for us to get into a special “prayer mode” to listen to us. His attention is always on you and that’s why even your groan is heard in God’s throne of grace! Religion has made prayer itself a barrier between man and God while it’s nothing but a medium of communication.

Jacob had nothing but a staff (rod) when he crossed river Jordan and into Syria to find himself a wife. When he came back 20 and over years later, he had an army of people, hundreds and thousands of fowls, camels, sheep, goats, oxen, asses and material wealth and expensive possessions. In today’s vernacular, we can say Jacob came back with his Rolls Royces, Bentleys, his sports car range from Porsche to Lamborghini, to Ferraris and expensive diamonds and jewellery and material possession. He was not wealthy in possessions but was fruitful in his family with eleven children and more coming through his two wives and two maidens. Today, we can see that as a fourfold quality wife or a husband, abounding with the favour and blessings of God. It is God’s will that marriage is between one man and one woman and not many husbands or many wives. Through that one husband or wife, God gives a fourfold blessing and favour!

I showed all that to highlight how Jacob’s life was transformed. His quality of life multiplied exponentially! In fact, Jacob himself was overwhelmed by how God blessed him. In the Hebrew, “I am not worthy” appears as “I am the least of all.” That is powerful! You don’t need the smarts and IQ this world believes in, to be super-blessed! You don’t need influence or endorsements of the “who’s who” of society to make it big in life. I deliberately say this: you can be dumb as a sheep and still be blessed beyond measure! That’s the beauty of our Lord. In your weakness is His strength! Our Lord Jesus doesn’t need your smarts and intelligence. He just wants you to know His love for you and rest in His grace!

Remember, when you’re blessed, it’s not spiritual but natural blessings that this world will take notice of! That’s what happened when Esau, Jacob’s brother came and saw. Esau is a man of the world, a picture of the unsaved world around us. The world will be shocked at the way Jesus has blessed you that you’ll almost start feeling guilty like Jacob! A “band” is a huge company of soldiers or people or cattle. But Jacob had them all and not just one band, but two of them. His possessions were so huge that he didn’t want to send his brother Esau into a trance when Esau saw him. Hence, he divided into two bands, just in case he lost one, he had another.

I’m coming to the crux of this post. Jacob just had a rod when he crossed over Jordan. He came back as a nation! What caused this disproportionate favour, blessing and influence? It was our Lord Jesus! Yes, Jacob saw Jesus and the new covenant of grace. He literally saw the gospel that we hear today, by which we’re saved. Notice, when he says in this verse that he’s not worthy of the “least of all the mercies, and all of the truth” which God showed him. The word “grace” was a foreign word to the translators of the English Bible. Whenever they encountered this Hebrew word “khased”, it was translated as “mercy”, “lovingkindness”, “goodness”. The word they were looking for was “grace”. So, Jacob said he was not worthy of all the grace and all the truth that God showed him in his dream.

How can we literally see “grace and truth” that Jacob mentions he saw? The law was given by Moses but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ! Jacob saw Jesus the way He should be seen – as an embodiment of grace and truth. Not a judge, not a law-giver but an embodiment of grace and truth. Jacob saw Jesus and He knew he was not worthy of it. Well, it’s our unworthiness that actually “qualifies” us for the grace of Jesus! He went looking for a wife with a revelation of who Jesus is and came back as a nation! Folks, that’s what happens when you have Him in your life. You’re life will not remain the same and it’s impossible to be not blessed! Even when Laban, Jacob’s uncle cheated him in his wages, Jesus turned it around for him and Jacob was even more blessed! With Jesus, you can never fail and never fall. Because, even your falls are cushioned and pampered by Jesus’ grace, that you rise higher than before!

Folks, this Saviour Lord Jesus is with you today, in an never before intimate relationship. What can you believe him for today? Remember nothing, literally nothing is impossible! You can have the world and still have nothing like many in the world. With Jesus, you have everything! Let the meditation of your heart sink this truth inside of you! Let all praise and glory be to the Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!


About Revelation of Grace Ministries

The grace of Jesus transformed someone as undeserving as me and I decided why not let this light of God's love shine on others too! Welcome to Revelation of Grace Ministries!
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