For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. (Romans 8:6)


Trying to understand this verse without the revelation of the Holy Spirit will undermine the essence of what’s being beautifully portrayed here. Religion has used this verse to teach that to be carnally minded is to be full of sins in the flesh while spiritually minded is to be living holy, pleasing God. Living a life that’s pleasing to God is important but without the knowledge of the truth, trying to please God will result in condemnation and defeat. Just zeal without knowledge of the truth produces religion and that’s where most believers are camped in, for ages.

So, what then is to be carnally minded? If it just meant sins of the flesh, then Jesus’ finished work has to be negated, because He received the wages of sin, which is death, on our behalf. It cannot mean sins of the flesh. The answer lies in the letter of 2 Corinthians, where Paul speaks about the ministry of death, written and engraved on stones. The law was written and engraved on stones and Paul calls it the ministry of death. I submit to you, to be carnally minded is to be mindful of the law. Naturally, being mindful of the law produces self righteousness. The moment one is self righteous, he ends up in sin consciousness. To be law conscious is to be sin conscious and it strengthens sin while producing condemnation and death.

Having seen the pitfalls of being carnally minded, let’s look at what’s being spiritually minded is. As a believer in Christ, every saint is equipped to enjoy this life and peace. But until a believer chooses to receive them, he cannot enjoy them. To receive the grace of Jesus is to receive this life and peace and rest in His finished work for our life is to be spiritually minded. It’s a simple truth that can literally set believers free from the bondage of sin, guilt and condemnation. Yet this freedom that comes about by grace is shown as scandalous and dangerous. Believers that enjoy the rest of Christ are ridiculed for living in grace while that’s exactly the realm, Jesus wants us to live in!

Isn’t it like the devil to hoodwink believers into believing a lie and forsake the truth? Freedom in Christ is portrayed as scandalous and dangerous, while being in submission to the 10 commandments is portrayed as being holy and pleasing to God. Believers don’t see the life and peace of Christ manifest in their lives because they are being carnally minded (trying to be justified by the law). Grace is not man’s invention, but God’s provision to save, heal, protect and make man one with God. The law is a barrier while grace is the bridge. Which one would you choose? A barrier or a bridge? I pray you shun the lie and receive the truth in Jesus name!


About Revelation of Grace Ministries

The grace of Jesus transformed someone as undeserving as me and I decided why not let this light of God's love shine on others too! Welcome to Revelation of Grace Ministries!
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11 Responses to For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. (Romans 8:6)

  1. Holy Moyo says:

    thank you my brother you have hit the truth on the head. Thats what the devil does not want people to know. I have always been praying for God to bless me the the wisdom and understanding of the Scriptures. Now I will never be deceived.The grace of God through Christ death and resurrection is my peace and rest. No matter what. Please continue to send me posts….when I got up this morning I found this latest Post in the email. as I read it I felt strong and powerful and I praised my Lord Jesus for what he has done for me……..freedom. hope fore ever more. Thanks Brother

  2. Wellington Njerere says:

    Totally different from the understanding that I had before, which was that a ‘spiritual mind’ was one that is subject ‘to the Word of God’ ie scriptures. But legalism always hides behind ‘scriptures’ and your article has both clarified & simplified the matter.

    It’s so amazing how simple the Gospel is & how we have been inventing all sorts of interpretations that move us away from the finished work of Christ.What a blessing your article has been to me!

    Be blessed Brother!

  3. holy moyo says:

    Very true Wellington .The Gospel is Simple but the evil one deceives the very elect. Reminds me of 2nd Corithians 11 verse 3.
    Think I love the Revelation of Grace .Have been a blind Christian for a long time..Jesus has brought His Light in this Revelation of Grace. I shall never be deceived anymore Am whistling my way to eternal life no stress…Only peace with God through my Lord Jesus.

    • Wellington Njerere says:

      You sound very much like me! Couldn’t have said it better than you did. It’s so encouraging to see how many people Jesus Christ is drawing to Himself as well as bringing together through forums like this one.
      The religious tread mill ain’t no fun for sure. I thank God for people like Brother Ryan.

  4. 4Zoe says:

    Crazy good stuff Ryan…the “true Gospel” is being expanded more and more…
    BTW…have you come across enlightened ones like Andre Rabe, John Crowder , Francois du Toit (Mirror Bible), Leif Hetland, Scott Schang (The Rhema Code), Brian Simmons (The Passion Translation), just to name a few?

  5. holy moyo says:

    Hallo Ryan …Are you still writing? Have not received anything from you in the recent past.
    Miss the good stuff.

    • Dear brother, I’ve been on a break to attend to some private work. Sorry about the lapse in posting updates. Although the work isn’t over, I’ll make sure I’m more frequent in updating the blog. Thanks for your understanding brother 🙂

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